The purple clay teapot is highly coveted and sought after, and we are very proud to work with artisans that make these beautiful objects. Purple clay is a relatively rare clay that is mined solely in China, from a location close to Taihu Lake, which is approximately one hundred miles to the northwest of Shanghai. This clay is then taken to the city of Yixing, which is in Jiangsu province, where the finest artisans work to create beautiful, handmade teapots. These are the artisans we are delighted to work with, and the teapots we are proud to present to our customers.

The Very Best Available

Purple clay teapots are famed across China for being the very best: the most exquisite ceramic ware that you can buy. This is because purple clay has an incredibly fine texture, is highly porous, and is easy to mold by hand. For all of these reasons, and more, it creates the very best teapots. Our mission is to showcase these incredible clay purple teapots to the rest of the world.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in online sales and marketing, and we only work with the very best artisans, who also have years of experience in creating the fine and beautiful teapots that you will find on our website.

Whilst our business, and our mission to share purple teapots with the world, is a relatively new one, purple teapots have been popular in China for centuries. The Taihu lake purple clay mine was formed 3.5 million years ago, and purple clay teapots became particularly popular during the Ming Dynasty, when they gradually replaced the popularity of the more conventional porcelain teapot.

A Huge Variety

You might be surprised to learn that purple clay teapots don’t always look purple! The way that they are fired can have a huge impact on the colour that the final tea pot will be. Many teapots are then painted with traditional patterns and designs that are intended to bring out the natural beauty of both the clay, and the shape of the pot. Traditional painting techniques are used to ensure that your teapot remains as authentic to its original heritage as possible.

What makes these teapots so special is that, because they are created by hand, no two pots will ever look exactly the same. Whether you favour black tea or green tea, the pot you choose to drink it from will be as unique as you are.

We are passionate about the beautiful and skill involved in creating purple teapots, and we want to share these beautiful ceramic wares with the world. It’s important and it matters to us: Purple Teapots are an integral part of our Chinese heritage, and we hope you think they are as beautiful as we do!